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I'm Nick Green. I'm a freelance copywriter and marketing content writer. I'm based just outside London .

I could tell you what a brilliant copywriter I am. And how my marketing content can help you or your clients make money. But I prefer to let my copywriting CV and my content creation book speak for themselves. 


And for my words to speak for you or your clients.

Advertising agencies and marketing companies 

How well are you marketing yourself with your online profile? Because if you can't sell yourselves, why will people believe you can sell them or their products and services? Outstanding web and social copy can persuade your prospects that you can use words to sell something. Bad web and social copy (and design) has the reverse affect. 

Everyone else

Design influences people faster than words; but only words can convey specific meaning. Using words well (aka good copywriting) to sell is therefore essential to growing your business.


I can help.  Get in touch to find out how. And how well.


Spanning 20 years, my freelance copywriting career has encompassed in-house and remote B2B and B2C copywriting on niche, national and international accounts in a host of sectors both client and agency side. I'm expert at corporate script writing; SEO copy; branding and re-branding copywriting; advertising and marketing concept copywriting; strapline copywriting; brochure copywriting; DM copywriting; eDM copywriting; creative copywriting; advertising copywriting; editorial copywriting; newsletter copywriting; press release copywriting; UX writing; and technical copywriting. My core copywriting strengths are extreme flexibility, a drive for perfection, and the ability to learn fast.


My copywriting and content creation services

I've written copy for some of the world's best known brands, agency side. But I've also written copy for a host of niche companies, client-side. So you may be a sole-trader or SME. And you need expert copywriting services. A brochure. Some SEO web copy. A red-hot Direct Mail campaign. Pin sharp marketing emails. That's fine. Whomever the client, I write copy with total focus and integrity.



Content marketing means inbound. Writing excellent copy about your product or services. Telling stories that create desire for your brand. Heat. Buzz. Wowing your customers as they journey from hook to purchase ... and get #social on the way. You want to make your targets come to you. And keep coming back for more. And spread the word about your brand. So you need wonderful words. You need exceptional marketing content.

I can help. Ask me how.



... engages and influences

How do you attract and hold your prospects' and customers' interest? How do you beguile them with your brand? How do you woo them without sounding disingenuous? Because in marketing, a little honesty goes a long way. Straightforward copy can help to attract people to your brand. Inbound and outbound. Above the line or below. In every sector. Emails. Articles. Web copy. Brochures. POS. Banners. Social ... However you target your targets, simple, unpretentious copy will help. And your business will grow.


I can help. Ask me how.  

computer keyboard


Search Engine Optimised copy on your website is a must. But SEO isn't what it used to be. Attracting search engine spiders isn't just about keyword density any more. It's about the quality of copy on your website. Clarity. Conciseness. Punch.


I can help. Ask me how.



My freelance copywriting skillset includes TV commercial writing and corporate video script writing. I've written scripts for ICM, Cisco, The National Geographic, Adecco, LogRhythm, Roche pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo, Logicalis, Merck Serono, and many others.  

Here's my freelance copywriting CV. Here is some more copywriting book. Here are some copywriting testimonials. Please get in touch to let me know about your copywriting requirements.

 Tel/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram: UK(0)7973 698736

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